Carlos Cup-Hilt Rapier w/Globe Pommel by Poker Armory


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These are great entry-level cup-hilt style rapiers from Poker Armory that should be considered work-horse grade training tools due to some minor rough-finish elements to the blades and pommels.   Perfect for swordsmen/women on a budget for both training and tournament competition!

Blade Type: Diamond
Overall Length:  121.5 cm (gray, polished & red, blackened) 117 cm (black, blackened)
Blade Length Measured from front of Cup-hilt: 99 cm (gray, polished & red, blackened) 94.5 cm (black, blackened)
Length of the Leather Covered Ricasso: Approximately 5.5 cm
Width of the Leather Covered Ricasso: Approximately 15 mm
Width of the Blade at the Crossbar: 24 mm
Tip: Flared
Crossbar: Flared ended cross (27.5 cm) with cup-hilt and knucklebow
Diameter of the Cup-hilt: Approximately 12 cm
Grip Type: Oval and flat
Grip Length (without pommel): 9 cm (gray, polished & red, blackened) 9.5 cm (black, blackened)
Grip Length (including pommel): 14.5 cm (gray, polished & red, blackened) 15 cm (black, blackened)
Grip Covering: Colored leather, one piece (see drop-down menu for current options)
Pommel: Globe shaped
Weight: Approximately 1100 g
Point of balance:  7.5 cm from cross (black, blackened) 9 cm (red, blackened) 9.5 cm (gray, polished)

This rapier comes with the Poker Armory nine month replacement warranty for critical failures under normal usage. All warranties subject to our inspection and approval.