Custom Sidesword by Malleus Martialis

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Custom Sidesword Order Form

We offer a number of stock sideswords with trusted and popular accessories at a great value. However, if you'd like to customize your own sidesword with a variety of crosses, pommels and grips to choose from then please use the form below. Once you've made your selections we'll contact you personally to finalize any missing details and, in some cases, ask for a non-refundable deposit prior to placing your order.

Let's get started and make sure your sidesword doesn't get confused at training ever again! Build your custom sidesword by making selections in each of the drop-down menus below.

Blade type

  • A) NARROW blade is 2.4 cm directly at the ricasso.

  • B) WIDE blade is 2.9cm directly at the ricasso.

    Both blade types can come with a standard back-folded tip or a flared tip.

    Select your blade type here:

    Select Blade Length here (in centimeters):82-95cm is the range you can select.

    With or without fuller?

    Tip Type:

    Left or Right Handed?

    Guard types

  • A) Simple Guard - 23.3cm wide.
  • B) Special Guard - 25cm wide. Flattened and elegantly curved.

    Select your Guard Type:

    Guard Options

  • A) Only finger rings
  • B) Finger rings + knuckle guard
  • C) Finger rings + knuckle guard + small port
  • C1) Finger rings + small port+ NO knuckle guard
  • D) Finger rings + knuckle guard + small port + big port
  • D1) Finger rings + small port + big port + NO knuckle guard
  • E) Finger rings + knuckle guard + double small port
  • E1) Finger rings + double small port + NO knuckle guard
  • F) Finger rings + knuckle guard + double small port + big port
  • F1) Finger rings + double small port + NO knuckle guard
  • G) Knuckle guard + big port
  • H) Knuckle guard + double big port

    Select your Guard Options:

    Pommel types

  • A) Bulb Pommel
  • B) Fig Pommel
  • C) Flat Disc Pommel
  • D) Faceted Sphere Pommel
  • E) Raised Disc Pommel

    Please Note: Bulb Pommel not available on WIDE Blades.

    Grip Length

  • Standard Length: 8 cm, (9cm grip also available in the option below.)

    Desired grip length, including the pommel:

    Grip Wrap Options

    Polypropylene cord:
    1. Black
    2. Ivory
    3. Burgundy
    4. Red
    5. Navy Blue
    6. Electric Blue
    7. Fuchsia
    8. Electric Orange
    9. Emerald Green
    10. Dark Green
    11. Yellow
    12. Silver

    13. Black
    14. Red
    15. Brown
    16. Ocher
    17. Blue
    18. Green

    19. Braided Wire
    20. Leather & Spaced Wire

    Desired Grip Type/Color:

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    Your Message

    Submit the form with the button below and one of our Customer Service Specialists will be in touch shortly to confirm your Custom Malleus Martialis Sidesword Order!