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  • Light Purple Hourglass 5-Finger 2
  • SG Infin Extended 5
  • Red HG Hoof 2
  • Royal Purple Hourglass Mitts 2
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  • SG Infinity Gloves 2021 Thumbs Black (6)
  • Extended Green Mitt 4
  • SG Infinity HG 2021 Thumb Black (6)
  • Std Mitten Royal Blue 3
  • SG Extended Hoofs Blk 3
  • Hourglass 4
  • Hourglass 5
  • Hourglass 1
  • Hourglass 2
  • Hourglass 3
  • cuff lengths2
  • bands
  • thread
  • lace
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Custom Sparring Glove

Choose your options and submit your custom order here.

After submitting, someone from HEMA Supplies will reach out to confirm your order and give you further information about placing your deposit. Thanks in advance!


Sparring Gloves will custom fit and/or decorate any of their three models, The 5-Finger Special, The Hoof,or the Classic Mitten. This service requires more specific measurements than stock sizes so after deciding upon a particular model of glove please use the sizing chart on this page to find your measurements. These measurements will need to be entered into the form at the bottom of this page. Please note that measurements must be in Metric! Below the sizing chart you will also find current color options for the nylon webbing over the back of the hand, all stitching, and the cuff laces. After submitting your information you will be contacted via email by HEMA Supplies to finalize your order.

For custom orders a non-refundable deposit of half the cost of the gloves prior to placing the order will be requested. Upon arrival of your custom gloves you will be contacted to resolve the remaining balance and any shipping costs to be paid within ninety days before final delivery.

Delivery times on custom orders are dependent upon Sparring Gloves’ current backlog at any given time but generally take between one and three months.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a number of factors we cannot offer refunds on Sparring Gloves. On a case-by-case basis we can sometimes exchange gloves for the correct size but ONLY if the original pair are in NEW condition and have not been used in any way. This includes “practice” hits and/or spending the afternoon doing solo work in them. We recommend that if you are unsure of your sizing or choice in model that you first try on a pair of a club-mate to better know what will work for you.