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READ FIRST! A blunt longsword is not the same thing as a longsword feder! Many clubs today exclusively use feder for training so if you are new to HEMA we recommend checking with your local club to see which you need before ordering.

Blade types

We offer two basic blade types when building your custom longsword. Both blade types are expertly hardened and suited for high intensity training and fencing. However, the physics of the thinner edges of diamond profile blades is such that they are more prone to nicks and burrs than other blade profiles. With this in mind, please consider a longsword FEDER that has a rectangular blade profile if you intend to use your sword for frequent heavy-duty fencing and competitions as they may be more suited those environments.

Type A) The Narrower and Lighter Standard Blade
-Diamond profile blade is 93 cm in length
-Width at the cross is 33 mm, 10 cm from the tip the width is 15 mm
-Grip length (including pommel) is 29 cm long
-Very fast and agile blade, recommended for shorter and smaller framed fencers

Type B) The Wider and Stronger Standard Blade
-Diamond profile blade is 91 cm in length
-Width at the cross is 37 mm, 10 cm from the tip the width is 18 mm
-Grip length (including pommel) is 28 cm long
-Sturdy and agile blade, recommended for taller and broader framed fencers

Both blade types are 6 mm thick at the central ridge and taper to 2-3 mm at the edge for the rebated (blunt) option; sharp swords, naturally, are much finer on the edge. Tips come rounded but can be back-rolled for an additional fee.

Select your blade type here: (additional fees apply to blackened blades.)

Choose Sharp or Blunt Blade:

Form of the Tip: (Acute Tips only available on sharp swords.)

Crossbar types

  • A. Straight
  • B. Round-edged
  • C. S-shaped
  • D. Curved
  • E. Bent-end

    Desired Crossbar Type: (additional fees apply to blackened crossbars.)

    Pommel types

  • A. Globe
  • B. Pear-shaped
  • C. Mushroom-shaped
  • D. Perfume Cap
  • E. Peaky-disc shaped
  • F. Beveled disc Shaped

    Select Pommel Type: (additional fees apply to blackened pommels.)

    Form of the Grip

  • Type 1) Oval Grip
  • Type 2) Oval Grip with riser
  • Type 3) Rectangular Waisted Grip with riser
  • Type 4) Octagonal Waisted Grip with riser

    Form of the Grip:

    Grip length, including the pommel (26-35 cm):

    Grip types

    The wrap on the grip can be:

  • 01. Black Cord Grip
  • 02. Brown Cord Grip
  • 03. Red Cord Grip
  • 04. Blue Cord Grip
  • 05. Green Cord Grip
  • 06. Yellow Cord Grip
  • 07. Orange Cord Grip
  • 08. Grey Cord Grip
  • 09. Teal Cord Grip
  • 10. Two Tone Double Space Grip
  • 11. Two Tone Triple Space Grip
  • 12. Black Spiral Leather Grip
  • 13. Brown Spiral Leather Grip
  • 14. Green Spiral Leather Grip
  • 15. Blue Spiral Leather Grip
  • 16. Red Spiral Leather Grip
  • 17. Black One-piece Leather Grip
  • 18. Brown One-piece Leather Grip

    Desired Grip Type/Color:

    Two Toned Color A:

    Two Toned Color B:

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