Hedvigis Arming Sword


Hedvigis Arming Sword by Chlebowski Swords

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A new cutting training sword from Chlebowski Swords, the Hedvigis is a very short but absolutely delightful arming sword.  This rear-balanced sword has a number of interesting elements such as the detailed cross with thumb scalloping and decorative flared ends.  The pommel has a small scratch on one side that could be buffed (price reflects this imperfection) and the peen is slightly off-center.  This last note is surprisingly common in historical swords so if you’ve ever wondered how that affects handling this is a great opportunity.  Overall, this is a stunning piece, both visually and in the hand, that would be a much loved addition to any cutting program, especially those interested in the I.33 sword and buckler system!

Blade Type:  Diamond w/fuller – SHARP!
Blade Length:  56 cm
Tip: Acute, sharp
Crossbar: 18 cm length, unique and detailed
Grip Type: Oval with two risers near cross and pommel
Grip Length (including pommel): 17 cm
Grip Covering: Black one-piece leather (colors available randomly or by special order)
Pommel: Disc with bevel to double-pointed oval detail….POMMEL IS SLIGHTLY OFFSET
Weight: Approximately 1160 grams
Point of Balance: Approximately 3.5 cm from the cross-guard

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