Poker Sidesword – Two Ports and Knucklebow


Poker Sidesword – Two Ports and Knucklebow!



Blade Type: Flat profile
Blade Length: 91 cm
Width of the Blade at the Ricasso: 30 mm
Length of the Ricasso: 47 mm
Tip: Flared – Nail
Crossbar Length: 24 cm Straight with two finger-rings (ricasso), one small and large port, and knucklebow (12.5 cm)
Finger Ring Inner Diameter: 42 mm x 47 mm
Small Port Diameter: 45 mm x 37 mm
Large Port Diameter: 48 mm x 85 mm
Grip Type: Flattened oval
Grip Length: 8 cm
Grip Length (including pommel): 12.5 cm
Grip Covering: Black one-piece leather (Mushroom) Red one-piece leather (Disk K)
Pommel: Mushroom or Disc K, polished finish
Weight: Approximately 1000 – 1050 grams
Point of balance: Approximately 12.5 cm from the crossbar (Mushroom) or 13.5 cm (Disc K)

This sidesword comes with the Poker Armory one year warranty for critical failures under normal usage. All warranties subject to our inspection and approval.