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Sword for Armoured Combat


Reproduction of Frigyes Taranti’s Sword Oakeshott XVII by Regenyei Armory

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During the 1400’s and onward specialty swords for training and dueling in full plate armour were manufactured across Europe. While a more serious study of these swords could certainly be done, Regenyei Armory has chosen to manufacture a near-replica “after” the example found in the Hofjagd- und Rüstkammer found in Vienna, Austria, though not as thick bladed. Note the rebated section midway down the blade for armoured combatants to more comfortably (and safely!) grip the blade during training and/or combat. This particular type of grip, with one hand on the grip of the sword and the other on the blade is known as “half-swording” according a number of historical fencing manuals.

Neue Berg Feder

Blade Type: Diamond with rebated “grip” midway
Blade Length: 100 cm
Width of the blade at the schilt: 34 mm
Width of the blade at the rebated grip:
Width of the blade 10 cm from the tip:
Distance from the cross to the rebated grip: 34 cm
Length of the rebated grip: 12 cm
Tip: Rounded (back-folded available by special order)
Schilt type: Custom “Rüstkammer” style
Width of the schilt: 6 cm
Length of the schilt: 5.5 cm
Crossbar: 25 cm custom ball-ended
Grip Type: Rectangular
Grip Length (including pommel): 30 cm
Grip Covering: Black spiral wrapped leather (other colors available by special order)
Pommel: Custom “plumb-bob”
Weight: Approximately 1695 grams
Point of balance: Approximately 7.5 cm from the crossbar

The Standard Feder comes with Regenyei’s one-year replacement warranty for critical failures under normal usage. All warranties subject to our inspection and approval.

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    Grip Cover

    The wrap on the grip can be:

    1. Black Cord Grip
    2. Brown Cord Grip
    3. Red Cord Grip
    4. Blue Cord Grip
    5. Green Cord Grip
    6. Yellow Cord Grip
    7. Orange Cord Grip
    8. Grey Cord Grip
    9. Teal Cord Grip
    10. Two Tone Double Space Grip
    11. Two Tone Triple Space Grip
    12. Black Spiral Leather Grip
    13. Brown Spiral Leather Grip
    14. Green Spiral Leather Grip
    15. Blue Spiral Leather Grip
    16. Red Spiral Leather Grip
    17. Black Ribbed Leather Grip
    18. Brown Ribbed Leather Grip
    19. Black Patterned Leather Grip
    20. Dark Blue Patterned Leather Grip

    Grip Material and Color:
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