Unique Sidesword No. 2


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These custom blunt Regenyei Armory sideswords are one-off models currently available for a limited time. These are very fast and agile sideswords with a complex knucklebow with side-port guard and ricasso that is useful for most sidesword fencing systems.

One has a black grip with a diamond profile blade with fuller and the other other has a dark blue grip with a flat profile with fuller blade.

Blade Type: Diamond (Black) or Flat (Blue) profile with fuller, blunt
Length of the blade: 82.5 cm
Tip: Rounded
Crossbar: Knucklebow with side-port and ricasso (24 cm width, 5 cm ricasso)
Grip Type: Oval
Grip Length (including pommel): 16.5 cm
Grip Covering: Light Brown or Blue spiral wrapped leather
Pommel: Pear shaped
Weight: 1050 g (Blue grip) or 1066 g (Light Brown grip)
Point of balance: Approximately 9 cm from the crossbar

These sideswords come with the standard Regenyei Armory one-year warranty for critical failures under normal usage. Warranty subject to inspection and approval.