Vistula River Messer with Scabbard


Vistula River Messer by Krieger!

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This sharp langes messer is a reproduction model based off an archeological find in the Vistula River near Włocławek, Poland. This is a sharp sword for cutting practice with a single fuller that has a very agile and balanced feel. Comes with its own wood-core scabbard and decorative belt! A simply unbeatable deal!

Blade Type: SHARP!!! Wedge shaped with single fuller
Blade Length: 63.5 cm
Length of Sharpened Second Edge: 12 cm
Width of the blade at the cross: 53 mm
Tip: Sharp!
Crossbar: 15.5 cm turn-back knucklebow with triangular nagel
Knucklebow: 8.5 cm with knob-end
Grip Type: Flared stadium
Grip Length (including pommel): 14.5 cm
Grip Covering: Stained wood scales and with brass tube pins
Pommel: Custom U-shaped butt cap
Weight: Approximately 850 grams
Point of balance: Approximately 11.5 cm from the crossbar

Scabbard: Wood core covered by brown leather and decorative red leather belt with buckle

This langes messer comes with Krieger’s six month replacement warranty for critical failures under normal usage. All warranties subject to our inspection and approval.