Regenyei Arming Swords

Looking for the classic knightly arming sword? This is definitely the place and we have a wide selection of Regenyei Armory arming swords to choose from. If you’re looking for durability and a sleek classic look then check out the Full Contact Arming Sword, a favorite of I.33 fencers around the globe! Perhaps you’d like something with a little more bling and panache? Then take a peek at the Arming Sword X for one of the liveliest blades in a gorgeous setting to be found on the training sword market today. Regenyei Armory has what you’re looking for so look through our selection and send us a message if it’s not immediately in stock.

All of these arming swords can be ordered with different color grips in either cord or leather. The Full Contact Arming Swords come stock with black cord grips and most other arming swords come stock with spiral wrapped leather grips. All arming swords are available with either a rolled tip or a rounded tip if you plan on wearing a scabbard.

If you’d like a sharp version of any of these arming swords be sure to note that on the Order Inquiry Form found at the bottom of each page. Sharpening is not available on the Full Contact Arming Sword and the Renaissance Arming Sword. Additional fees do apply to sharpened swords.

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