Our warranties vary from item to item as we deal with different manufacturers.  To address the warranty on any item we will first need some key information from you and images of the defect.  We will then contact you directly to discuss the warranty and the specifics of your case.

Regenyei Armory, Chlebowski Swords, and Malleus Martialis warranty their swords for one year and will replace broken swords within that time for any critical failures under normal usage.  Poker Armory warranties their products for six months.

ALL warranties are subject to our inspection, investigation, and approval.

We typically do NOT return items.  In the rare case where that is applicable any return will be assessed less any relevant PayPal fees and shipping costs and a re-stocking fee may apply.  All returns are subject to our discretion and approval.

If you have a possible warranty item please contact us by filling out the following form:

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