Chlebowski Longswords

PLEASE READ!  We now offer blunt and sharp longswords from Chlebowski (when available) so carefully ready the stats of any longsword you wish to purchase to be sure you are ordered the correct item!

The famed Szymon Chlebowski Fencing Sword III’s are forged, hardened, (50 Rockwell Hardness Scale) and tempered with careful attention to precision detail by Mr. Chlebowski, himself, a veteran longsword fencer and one HEMA’s top competitors. Chlebowski Fencing Sword III’s come with a high-polish finish and a rarely seen “finished peen” on the pommel where the pommel and tang are smoothly integrated to present a beautiful and comfortable finish. All of this is brought together with a sealed fine cord wrap over the slim and waisted grip adored by so many. Truly, a connoisseur’s training tool!

Chlebowski Longswords are proudly made by hand in Poland using spring steel and come with a one year warranty for critical failures under normal usage.

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