We currently produce our own brand of bucklers for practitioners that are specifically designed for the rigors of today’s HEMA training and competing needs. Our specially designed “Scholar” and “Priest” Bucklers are aimed primarily at those studying the Royal Armouries MS. I.33 sword and buckler fencing system. See their respective pages for details. (Expected release date: July 2017) These models will, however, work for most HEMA buckler systems.

We also have other styles of bucklers aimed at Italian sidesword and rapier systems in the R&D phase and we’ll keep you updated on their expected release dates and details.

Here you will also find bosses if you care to make your own bucklers. Our bosses are not the run-of-the-mill bosses and have been crafted to accommodate today’s fencing gloves more comfortably while maintaining that classic boss look and operation. (Coming July 2017)

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