Regenyei Greatswords

Greatswords is a blanket term to refer to the family of very large two-handed swords. Other names for these types of swords may include zweihander, bidenhander, montante, and spadone. All of our greatswords are custom order items at this time so once you’ve made your selection please fill out the order form which is found in the description area of each product’s page. We will contact you via email shortly to finalize your order. Delivery times are currently estimated (not guaranteed) at roughly six months.

Most of the greatswords offered here are available in either a dismantled option or with a fully peened tang. Please note that shipping with the fully peened tang is typically more than double the cost of the dismantled option. Many people prefer the dismantled option for these very large swords because they do not typically fence others with them and enjoy the additional convenience of a smaller profile when cleaning, storing, and transporting their greatswords.

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