We have partnered with Varju Leather to bring you quality sheaths and scabbards for all your precious training tools! Proudly make in Slovakia from the finest leather, Varju Leather offers a nice selection of colors and scabbard styles, including functional belts.

Please note that a “sheath” is a flexible leather cover for your sword or dagger. Very useful for daily training and for quickly applying oil without getting the rest of your kit messy.

A “scabbard” has a wooden core covered by leather and is rigid to better protect your sword or scabbard. These are available with or without an attached belt, belt loops, and in a variety of color schemes.

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  • Custom Scabbard/Sheath

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  • Simple Feder Sheath by Varjú Tamás

    $125.00 Select options
  • Steath type 1

    Simple Feder Scabbard by Varjú Tamás (Type I)

    $175.00 Select options
  • sheath type 2

    Standard Feder Sheath by Varjú Tamás (Type II)

    $225.00 Read more
  • sheath type 3

    Authentic Feder Sheath by Varjú Tamás (Type III)

    $275.00 Read more

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