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Sparring Gloves now offers a variety of colored nylon, laces, and thread to make your gloves more individual!


Welcome to HEMA Supplies! We provide quality imported equipment for the practice of Historical European Martial Arts so whether you are looking for protective gear, training swords, or even target cutting swords, you've come to the right place. Be sure to following us on Instagram (#hema_supplies) and Facebook or check our "In Stock Now!" page for the latest highlights. Our partners love to send us new products and we love to share them with you there first so please join us. We also encourage you to create a website account here and we'll occasionally send you an email about ongoing sales and/or products updates. Don't worry, we only send them two or three times a year, nothing too bothersome, we promise! Thank you for visiting and never hesitate to contact us directly, we always reply to your inquiries!
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  • Standard Tournament Feder

    Standard Tournament Feder
    The "Gold Standard" of tournament quality HEMA Feders by Regenyei Armory is available now!

    5-Finger HEMA Gloves

    5-Finger HEMA Gloves
    The 5-Finger HEMA Gloves by Sparring Gloves are available now!

    Black Armoury Hema Jacket

    Black Armoury Hema Jacket
    Our selection of premium HEMA Jackets by Black Armory.
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