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Achille Renaissance Targa (Buckler)


Achille Targa by Malleus Martialis

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Made famous in the Achille Marozzo manuals, this style of targa became popular in the 1500’s for use with “sideswords” and even rapiers.  Malleus Martialis has modeled this targa after existing historical examples with some modifications to make them suitable for HEMA fencing in today’s contexts.  Malleus Martialis has brought their usual flare for both quality and style to this targa with the decorative grip flanges, central fluting, heavy duty rivets, and rolled edges while keeping the weight down to maximize agility and minimize arm fatigue.  Truly recommended!

Upper Edge Length: 29 cm

Lower Edge Length: 23.5 cm

Height: 32 cm

Grip Length:  12 cm

Weight:  Approximately 1100 gr

Border Width: Approximately 3mm

Materials: Maraging steel and wax treated natural beech wood.

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