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Simple Feder Sheath by Varjú Tamás


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Made by famed Slovakian scabbbard maker Varjú Tamás, this Simple Feder Sheath is designed for the HEMA practitioner on the go.  If you’ve ever wanted an easy way to keep your feder oiled and ready for the next training session without soiling the rest of the gear in your kit bag then this is the product for you!  The Simple Feder Sheath is fashioned using high quality 2.5 mm genuine leather, a simple but durable stitching enclosure, and leather clasp to keep your feder in place.  These sheaths will fit most modern feder with blade lengths up to 100 cm and schilts up 10 cm length. We offer a variety of colors as in-stock options but additional options are always available via custom order.

Does not come with built in Hollywood sounds effects when withdrawing your sword.

Custom built sheaths (and scabbards) are available through our custom order page and can accommodate a wide range of blade shapes and  sizes. Additional color and belt options are also available with the scabbard options as well.

Proudly handmade in Slovakia!