• RA THTT II Reina, Green Cord (5)
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  • RA THTT II Reina, Green Cord (7)

Two-Handed Training Tool II – Reina by Regenyei Armory



Blade Type: Flat-profile “feder” style blade with rounded lugs
Sharp or Blunt: Blunt
Blade Length: 126 cm
Length of the ricasso: 11 cm
Width of the lugs: 9 cm
Width of the blade at the crossbar: 35 mm
Tip: Back-rolled
Crossbar: 45 cm twisted with side-rings, darkened finish
Width of the side-rings at crossbar: 105 mm
Depth of the side-rings at crossbar: 50 mm
Grip Type: Oval with single central riser
Grip Length (including pommel): 47 cm
Grip Covering: Colored cord wrap (see drop-down menu for current grip color options)
Pommel: Custom squat pear
Weight: Approximately 2500 grams
Point of balance: Approximately 8.5 cm from the crossbar

This greatsword comes with Regenyei’s one-year replacement warranty for critical failures under normal usage. All warranties subject to our inspection and approval.

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