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Acta Periodica Duellatorum – Vol.1, 2013


Numbered scholarly publication containing 196 pages with black and white images.

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Acta Periodica Duellatorum is an annual publication aimed specifically towards the HEMA audience. This publication is compiled of both scholastic and practical theory based articles submitted by professional and amateur authors and held to the same rigors of academia. For fencer’s interested in keeping abreast of the latest research or digging deeper into a wide variety of topics this is a must-have book each year.

This 2013 edition contains the following articles:


-Fighting in the Fightschools late XVth, early XVIth century (Daniel Jaquet)

-A fifteenth-centiry fencing tournament in Strasburg (Olivier Dupuis)

-HEMA in the map of science (Mátyás Miskolczi PhD)

-A Kampfschwert from the 15th century – a reinterpretation of the so-called “Teutonic estoc” from the Princes Czartoryski Collection in Crakow, Poland. (Maciej Talaga)

– Translation memory and computer assisted translation tool for medieval texts (Attila Törcsvári)


-Mertein Hündsfelder: Fechtlehre mit dem Kurzen Schwert, circa 1491 AD. Fight-Teaching with the Shortened Sword from Codex Speyer [137r-141r](Szabolcs Waldmann)

-A brief examination of warfare by medieval urban militias in Central and Northern Europe (Jean Henri Chandler)

-Bayonet Fencing: An overview of historiography and techniques for French footmen during World War I. (Julien Garry)

-The true edge: a comparison between self-defense fighting from German ‘fight-books’ (Fechtbücher) and the reality of judicial sources [1400-1550] (Pierre-Henry Bas)

Each book is numbered as these are a limited edition publication every year.

196 pages.
15 cm x 21 cm.
Contains black and white images.