Chlebowski Langes Messer


Chlebowski Langes Messer

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Chlebowski Langes Messer:

Blade Type: Hollow-ground, single edged, blunt
Blade Length: 76.5 cm
Blade Width at the Cross: 42 mm
Tip: Rolled
Edge Thickness:  7 mm at the cross, 5 mm at the tip
Crossbar: 15 cm length
Nagel: 6 cm
Grip Type: “Bird’s Beak” flared grip
Grip Length (including pommel): 15 cm
Grip Covering: Brown cord wrap (colors available randomly or by special order)
Pommel: Polished “Bird’s Beak”
Weight: Approximately 1000 grams
Point of Balance: Approximately 11 cm from the cross-guard
Measurements can be modified via custom order.