Chlebowski S-Curve Dragazes Feder


S-Curve Dragazes Feder by Chlebowski Swords!

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Introducing another top of the line Chlebowski feder, the S-Curve Dragazes Feder! This gorgeous feder is made with the same painstaking care as all Chlebowski swords but with a lot more flair and pizzazz. That’s really saying something! The Dragazes Feder still has the same great tournament quality double-fuller blade of the Chlebowski Double Fuller Feder but it also comes with some extremely fine hand-crafted spiraled motifs on the cross and the pommel.

Blade Type: Hollow-ground two-fuller feder
Blade Length: 100 cm
Tip: Back-folded
Edge Thickness: 8 mm at the cross, 4 mm at the tip
Crossbar: 28.5 cm length, polished spiral s-curve
Grip Type: Waisted
Grip Length (including pommel): 29.5 cm
Grip Covering: Black leather over spiral cord
Pommel: Polished spiral pear shape
Weight: Approximately 1520 grams
Point of Balance: Approximately 8 cm from the cross-guard

This feder comes with the one-year Chlebowski warranty for critical failures under normal usage.  All warranties subject to our inspection and approval.