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Custom Regenyei Longsword Order Form


    Custom Regenyei Longsword Order Form

    READ FIRST! A blunt longsword is not the same thing as a longsword feder! Many clubs today exclusively use feder for training so if you are new to HEMA we recommend checking with your local club to see which you need before ordering.

    IMPORTANT: This form is currently under construction but still works. Some images need updating but please submit your inquiry and we'll reply to clarify any additional details within 24 hours, as always. Use the comment section to include any details you'd like considered that are not offered in the drop-down menus below. We promise it'll be worth it!

    Blade types

    Updated pictures coming soon! We offer a variety of blade types for building your custom longsword. All blade types are expertly hardened and suited for high intensity training and fencing or sharpened for target cutting practice, accordingly.

    Tips come rounded but can be ordered back-rolled or acute (sharp) for an additional fee.

    Select BLADE TYPE here:

    Select BLADE LENGTH here (in centimeters): ONLY variable blade lengths from above will be factored from this menu option when receiving your quote, default lengths will apply as above to specific blades. Also, some tournaments limit blade lengths; please consider this carefully when choosing your length.

    Choose Sharp or Blunt Blade:

    Form of the Tip:

    Crossguard types

    A. Basic
    B. S-shaped
    C. Straight I
    D. Straight II
    E. Straight III
    F. Clover
    G. Pierced Clover
    H. Munich
    I. Snail
    J. Crescent
    K. Twisted Crescent
    L. Bell-End Cylindrical
    M. Cylindrical (Not currently Available for Longswords)
    N. Talhoffer
    O. Claymore
    P. Forged
    Q. Faceted with Finials

    Desired Crossguard Type: (additional fees apply)

    Crossguard Surface Finish:

    Pommel types

    (Additional fees may apply)

    1. Pear
    2. Faceted Pear*
    3. Forged Faceted Pear *
    4. Mushroom
    5. Faceted Mushroom*
    6. Sphere
    7. Forged Faceted Sphere*
    8. Perfume Cap*
    9. Disc Type I
    10. Disc Type II
    11. Disc Type III
    12. Disc Type IV
    13. Disc Type V
    14. Münich Type I
    15. Münich Type II

    *additional fees apply

    Select Pommel Type:

    Pommel Surface Finish:

    Form of the Grip

    1. Oval Grip
    2. Oval Grip with riser
    3. Rectangular Waisted Grip with riser
    4. Octagonal Waisted Grip with riser

    Form of the Grip:

    Grip length, including the pommel (26-35 cm):

    Grip Cover

    The wrap on the grip can be:

    1. Black Cord Grip
    2. Brown Cord Grip
    3. Red Cord Grip
    4. Blue Cord Grip
    5. Green Cord Grip
    6. Yellow Cord Grip
    7. Orange Cord Grip
    8. Grey Cord Grip
    9. Teal Cord Grip
    10. Two Tone Double Space Grip
    11. Two Tone Triple Space Grip
    12. Black Spiral Leather Grip
    13. Brown Spiral Leather Grip
    14. Green Spiral Leather Grip
    15. Blue Spiral Leather Grip
    16. Red Spiral Leather Grip
    17. Black Ribbed Leather Grip
    18. Brown Ribbed Leather Grip

    Grip Material and Color:
    NOTE: Many cord colors are available in more than shown here. For example, blue is available in a light, medium, royal, or dark blue. If you have specific preference not seen above simply choose the closest color then make a more detailed note in the comment section below.

    Two Toned Color A:
    Leave blank unless selecting a two-tone option above.

    Two Toned Color B:
    Leave blank unless selecting a two-tone option above.

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