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Custom Rondel Dagger

Custom Rondell Dagger by Regenyei Armory


Please customize your Rondell Dagger using the form below!

    Custom Regenyei Rondel Dagger Order Form

    If we don't have your preferred rondel dagger in stock you can use this form to choose your specifics and we'll be in touch shortly to finalize your custom order.

    You can choose your form of blade, rondel, form of the tip, grip length, and grip wrap. Simply choose from each drop down menu below and send us any additional notes you feel are important. We ALWAYS reply to your emails!

    Triangular Blade Type:

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    Back-rolled Tip or Rounded Tip?

    Sharpened Blade or Blunt? (Additional fee for sharpened blades, comes with pointed tip.)

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