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Custom Regenyei Trnava Feder

Custom Trnava Feder by Regenyei Armory


The Trnava line of feder is the “Cadillac” of the Regenyei feder. Trnava Feder are more robust than their Standard Feder cousins and do not have a distal taper to the blade profile as does the Standard Feder line. They also have a unique schilt design that varies depending on whether you get the Simple, Light, or Heavy Trnava. This beefier type of feder is loved by fencers that like something with more presence in the bind and/or really like to blow through their opponent’s guard.

Trnava Feder are made stock with the medium-flex blunt blades and back-folded tips. The point of balance will vary with each model of Trnava ranging between 6 and 10 cm from the cross. The Simple Trnava has a 5 mm thick blade at the cross, the Light Trnava is 6 mm at the cross, and the Heavy Trnava is 8 mm. Typical length of the Trnava is 104 cm but can be ordered between 98 – 104 cm. The length of the grip comes stock at 35 cm, including the pommel, but can be special ordered between 32 – 35 cm.

This model of feder comes with the medium flex blade, is usable for tournament play, and comes with a six month warranty.

Trnava are sometimes available as an in stock item and in those cases they will be listed individually on the Federschwert page. However, Trnava are typically a custom order item and so can be ordered with all the same options for different crossbars, pommels, grip shapes, and grip coverings as found on the Custom Feder page. To order your custom Trnava Feder please use the form below!

    Custom Trnava Feder Order Form

    We offer diverse accessories for the Trnava feder, all information you need to customize your own can be found below!

    About the tip of the blade.

    Feder blades are made with a back-folded tip by default!

    Blade types

    Please note that the schilt on the Trnava Feder is dependent on the type of blade chosen.


    Material: 8 mm thick Trnava Type blade
    Schilt: with curved edges
    Weight: 1720 - 1800 grams depending on the chosen measurements and the accessories


    Material: 6 mm thick Trnava type blade
    Schilt: with straight edges
    Weight: 1500 - 1700 grams depending on the chosen measurements and the accessories.


    Material: 5 mm thick Trnava type blade
    Schilt: flat, without edges
    Weight: 1400 - 1600 grams depending on the chosen measurements and the accessories

    Select your blade type here:

    Select Blade Length here: Specify the desired length of your blade in centimeters. *Please note; some tournaments will not accept a blade length over 100cm.*

    Crossbar types

  • 1. 25 cm Basic crossbar.

  • 1. 28 cm Basic crossbar.

  • 2. 25 cm Ringed crossbar.

  • 2. 28 cm Ringed crossbar.

  • 3. 25 cm Twisted crossbar.

  • 3. 28 cm Twisted crossbar.

  • 4. 25 cm Waved crossbar.

  • 4. 28 cm Waved crossbar.

  • 5. 25 cm Twisted - Curved crossbar.

  • 5. 28 cm Twisted - Curved crossbar.

  • 6. 25 cm Cylindrical crossbar.

  • 6. 28 cm Cylindrical crossbar.

  • 7. 25 cm Forged crossbar.

  • 7. 28 cm Forged crossbar.

    Desired Crossbar Type:

    Crossguard Surface Finish:

    Pommel types

  • 1. Pear Pommel.

  • 2. Faceted Pear Pommel.

  • 3. Forged and Faceted Pear Pommel.

  • 4. Mushroom Pommel.

  • 5. Faceted Mushroom Pommel.

  • 6. Sphere Pommel.

  • 7. Forged and Faceted Sphere Pommel.

  • 8. Perfume Pommel.

  • 9. Disc I Pommel.

  • 10. Disc II Pommel.

  • 11. Disc III Pommel.

  • 12. Disc IV Pommel.

  • 13. Disc V Pommel.

  • 14. Munich I Pommel.

  • 15. Munich II Pommel.

    Select Desired Pommel Type:
    [select* menu-custom-feder-pommel-type include_blank "1. Pear Pommel. "2. Faceted Pear Pommel." "3. Forged and Faceted Pear Pommel." "4. Mushroom Pommel." "5. Faceted Mushroom Pommel." "6. Sphere Pommel" "7. Forged and Faceted Sphere Pommel." "8. Perfume Pommel." "9. Disc I Pommel." "10. Disc II Pommel." "11. Disc III Pommel." "12. Disc IV Pommel." "13. Disc V Pommel." "14. Munich I Pommel." "15. Munich II Pommel."]

    Pommel Surface Finish:

    Form of the grip

  • (A) Oval Grip (standard)

  • (B) Rectangular Waisted Grip

    Grip Type:

    Grip length, including the pommel: (26-35 cm):

    Grip Covering Types

    The length of the grip (including pommel) can vary between 26-35 cm.

    The wrap on the grip can be:

  • 01. Black Cord Grip

  • 02. Brown Cord Grip

  • 03. Red Cord Grip

  • 04. Blue Cord Grip

  • 05. Green Cord Grip

  • 06. Yellow Cord Grip

  • 07. Orange Cord Grip

  • 08. Grey Cord Grip

  • 09. Teal Cord Grip

  • 10. Two Tone Double Space Grip

  • 11. Two Tone Triple Space Grip

  • 12. Black Spiral Leather Grip

  • 13. Brown Spiral Leather Grip

  • 14. Green Spiral Leather Grip

  • 15. Blue Spiral Leather Grip

  • 16. Red Spiral Leather Grip

  • 17. Black Ribbed Leather Grip

  • 18. Brown Ribbed Leather Grip

  • 19. Black Patterned Leather Grip

  • 20. Dark Blue Patterned Leather Grip

    Desired Grip Type/Color:

    Two Toned Color A:

    Two Toned Color B:

    Your Real Name (required)

    Your Email (required)

    Your Message

    Submit the form with the button below and one of our Customer Service Specialists will be in touch shortly to confirm your Custom Feder Order!