Galante Cup Hilt Rapier by Malleus Martialis


Use drop-down menu to choose grip color!



Blade Type: Diamond with small fuller on one side, large fuller on other side
Blade Length AFTER the Cup: 98.5 cm (black cord) 99.5 (red cord)
Length of the Ricasso: Approximately 6 cm
Width of the Ricasso: Approximately 19 mm
Width of the blade AFTER the Ricasso: Approximately18 mm
Tip: Flared and narrow (will require additional tipping in most clubs)
Guard: 28 cm cup-hilt with quillons with knucklebow (pearl finish)
Length of Knucklebow: Approximately 11 cm
Distance From Grip to Knucklebow: Approximately 63 mm
Grip Type: Oval
Grip Length (without pommel): 8 cm
Grip Length (including pommel): 13 cm
Grip Covering: Colored cord (see drop-down menu for current options)
Pommel: Walnut bauble, two-piece threaded (pearl finish)
Tang: Threaded
Weight: Approximately 950 g
Point of balance: Approximately 48 mm from AFTER the cup

This rapier comes with the Malleus Martialis one-year replacement warranty for critical failures under normal usage. All warranties subject to our inspection and approval.


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