Scholar UNPadded HEMA Trousers – Single Color


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The Scholar HEMA trousers have been specially developed by HEMA Supplies and are unique among today’s fencing knickers.  Built with 800 N resistance material, they do not rely on suspenders but rather operate more like today’s waist belted clothing and best of all….they have POCKETS!!!  Based on the former uniform of a German Bundeswehr mountain regiment that was extremely popular among early modern HEMA enthusiasts, these trousers have been modified and updated to be more comfortable and flexible to accommodate the rigors of daily fencing practice.

Key elements of these trousers include:

  • 800 N Material
  • Pockets!
  • Improved gussets in the crotch to facilitate deeper stances and lunging.
  • Belt loops for those that want them but they aren’t always necessary depending on your fit
  • Hook-n-loop fasteners at waist and knee
  • Machine washable
  • Did we mention pockets?  And not just butt pockets, we mean pockets that are actually functional!

Scholar HEMA Trousers are available in a variety of colors through our Custom Scholar HEMA Trousers page and limited color selections are available as in-stock orders through this page now!