Unique Regenyei Feder No.3


Unique Regenyei Feder #3!


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These feder are available on a one-off basis for a limited time and are essentially modified Standard Regenyei Feder with wide schilts as well as varying blade lengths and weights.  All are very lovely pieces and have the famed quality and durability of  Regenyei Armory.  Available now without the wait for custom work for as long as they last!

Blade Type: Strong
Blade Length: 97 – 100 cm
Schilt: Wide
Tip: Back-folded
Crossbar: Basic (97 cm blade = 25 cm cross, 99 cm blade = 28 cm cross!)
Grip Type: Oval
Grip Length (including pommel): 32 cm
Grip Covering: Black cord
Pommel: Pear shaped
Weight: Approximately 1390 – 1505 grams
Point of balance: Approximately 7 – 9 cm from the crossbar

These feder comes with the standard Regenyei Armory one year replacement warranty for critical failures under normal usage.  All warranties subject to our inspection and approval.