Sparring Gloves are the original HEMA glove and are still the go-to solution around the world. They provide the best balance of durability, mobility, ease-of-maintenance, and effective protection on the market today. Sparring Gloves are still the preferred choice of many top-tier competitors and are what most other glove makers copy and aspire to be. You won’t go wrong with Sparring Gloves whichever model you choose.

HEMA Supplies carries all three Sparring Gloves models; the 5-Finger Specials, the Hoof, and the Classic Mittens. We can also assist you with custom fitted gloves and/or assorted colors to accent and individualize your gloves.

If we are ever out of stock for your size please be sure to use the contact form at the bottom of each page and get on our waiting list. This way we contact you first when they are back in stock. You can also use these forms to reach us if you have any additional questions about placing your order.

HEMA Supplies is the exclusive supplier of Sparring Gloves in the U.S.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a number of factors we cannot offer refunds on Sparring Gloves. On a case-by-case basis we can sometimes exchange gloves for the correct size but ONLY if the original pair are in NEW condition and have not been used in any way. This includes “practice” hits and/or spending the afternoon doing solo work in them. We recommend that if you are unsure of your sizing or choice in model that you first try on a pair of a club-mate to better know what will work for you.
Three Finger GlovesDetail of the fechthalle from the Weißkunig image. Click to enlarge.

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