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The Hoof Glove by Sparring Gloves


Using the drop-down menus below will show which HOOF style Sparring Gloves are in stock now!


TO ORDER: Please size yourself (see chart below) and check the drop down menus above to see if your size and color preference is currently in stock.  If your gloves are not currently in stock please use the Order Inquiry Form below the sizing chart to get on our waiting list and you will be contacted first when they are back in stock.  Specialized color combinations and built-to-fit sizing options are available via custom order here.  International orders (Non-U.S.) will be handled via email so please use the Order Inquiry Form to place your international order.

The “Hoof” style HEMA glove offers a great balance of protection and mobility. This model combines the strong protection of the original Sparring Gloves with a split finger construction containing two finger pockets for the forefingers. This clever construction allows greater mobility and dexterity for grappling during fencing as well as for adjusting to different grips on your sword.

This model is best for cruciform type hilts and other “open hilted” designs such as longsword, arming sword, dussack, and some styles of sabre.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a number of factors we cannot offer refunds on Sparring Gloves. On a case-by-case basis we can sometimes exchange gloves for the correct size but ONLY if the original pair are in NEW condition and have not been used in any way. This includes “practice” hits and/or spending the afternoon doing solo work in them. We recommend that if you are unsure of your sizing or choice in model that you first try on a pair of a club-mate to better know what will work for you.

    Sparring Glove Order Inquiry Form

    Occasionally we run out of stock for Sparring Gloves for some sizes and/or models, when this happens we begin a waiting list. As soon as the item is back in stock we first contact those on the waiting list before posting them here on the website. If your size or model is unavailable we strongly recommend you get on the waiting list by using the form here.

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