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Would you like a feder that stands out from the crowd? Maybe you like the Standard Feder but really wish you could change the cross? What about the schilt? Maybe the pommel! Well, you’re in luck because the form below will walk you through the very simple process of ordering your very own custom Regenyei feder!

Custom orders are estimated (not guaranteed) at roughly six months for delivery although some items do arrive faster than that. Many custom orders will require a non-refundable deposit prior to placing the order but we’ll walk you through the very painless process once you’ve filled out the information on the form below. Prices vary on custom order based on the design of the feder.

After you’ve sent us your custom order choices we’ll contact you via email to discuss any final details and/or resolve the deposit, if necessary. We ALWAYS reply to emails (typically within 24 hours) so don’t hesitate to ask any additional questions you may have.

This feder comes with a one-year warranty for critical failures under normal conditions. All warranties subject to our inspection and approval.

Custom Regenyei Feder Order Form

We offer a number of stock feder with trusted and popular accessories at a great value. However, if you'd like to customize your own feder with a variety of crosses, pommels and grips to choose from then please use the form below. Once you've made your selections we'll contact you personally to finalize any missing details and, in some cases, ask for a non-refundable deposit prior to placing your order.

Let's get started and make sure your feder doesn't get confused at training ever again! Build your custom feder by making selections in each of the drop-down menus below.

Blade type

  • A) LIGHT blade: Very flexible blade useful for training and fencing in minimal protective gear. It is NOT for full contact tournaments! Approximate weight: 1300-1400 grams. Comes with a six month warranty that covers critical failures under these terms only.

  • B) MEDIUM blade: A good combination of flexibility and durability ideal for training, fencing, and in the hands of a careful fencer, even for tournaments. Approximate weight: ??? grams. Comes with a six month warranty.

  • C) STRONG blade: Expertly hardened yet flexible, the strong blade is intended for full-contact fencing in full protective HEMA gear under nearly all reasonable conditions. The blade is firm in the parry with a fair amount of flex in the last third to accommodate full contact thrusts. Approximately 1350-1500 grams. Comes with a one year warranty for critical failures under normal usage. We strongly recommend this blade type for its all-around balance and durability.

    All three blade types come with a standard back-folded tip that is approximately 1 cm x 1 cm.

    Select your blade type here:

    Select Blade Length here (in centimeters): Some tournaments will not allow blades over 100cm; please consider this carefully when choosing your length.

    Schilt types

  • Spiky schilt
  • Wide schilt (adds roughly 80 grams to the overall weight)
  • Crown Schilt
  • Tulip Schilt

    Desired Schilt Type:

    Crossbar types

  • 1a. 25 cm forged crossbar.
  • 1b. 28 cm forged crossbar.
  • 2a. 25 cm cylindrical crossbar.
  • 2b. 28 cm cylindrical crossbar.
  • 3a. 25 cm basic crossbar.
  • 3b. 28 cm basic crossbar.
  • 4a. 25 cm crossbar with rings.
  • 4b. 28 cm crossbar with rings.
  • 5. Twisted Curve crossbar.

    Desired Crossbar Type:

    Pommel types

  • 1. Globe pommel.
  • 2. Perfume-cap pommel.
  • 3. Pear-shaped pommel.
  • 4. Mushroom-shaped pommel.
  • 5. Forged scent-stopper pommel.
  • 6. Disc-shaped pommel.

    Select Desired Pommel Type:

    Form of the Grip

  • Type 1) Oval Grip
  • Type 2) Oval Grip with riser
  • Type 3) Rectangular Waisted Grip with riser
  • Type 4) Octagonal Waisted Grip with riser

    Desired Grip Form:

    Desired grip length, including the pommel: Standard feder length is 32 cm.

    Grip Wrap Types

    We offer three types of wrap for your custom feder; cord, spiral wrapped leather, one-piece leather.
    Color options vary by wrap type as seen here:

  • 01. Black Cord Grip
  • 02. Brown Cord Grip
  • 03. Red Cord Grip
  • 04. Blue Cord Grip
  • 05. Green Cord Grip
  • 06. Yellow Cord Grip
  • 07. Orange Cord Grip
  • 08. Grey Cord Grip
  • 09. Teal Cord Grip
  • 10. Two Tone Double Space Grip
  • 11. Two Tone Triple Space Grip
  • 12. Black Spiral Leather Grip
  • 13. Brown Spiral Leather Grip
  • 14. Green Spiral Leather Grip
  • 15. Blue Spiral Leather Grip
  • 16. Red Spiral Leather Grip
  • 17. Black One-piece Leather Grip
  • 18. Brown One-piece Leather Grip

    Desired Grip Type/Color:

    Two Toned Color A:

    Two Toned Color B: (Leave Blank for single colored grip).

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