• RA USA Wide Feder, Talhoffer Cross (5)
  • Blk Cord & Leather Mush Wide 5
  • Darth Feder 5
  • RA Wide Disc Blk Cord (2)
  • RA Spiky Disc Blue Leather (2)
  • Green Gray Forged Perfume 4
  • Forged x 2 Waisted Brn Lthr 1
  • RA One Ring Blue Gray Cord 5
  • RA Wide Disc Blk Cord (1)
  • Forged x 2 Waisted Brn Lthr 6
  • IMG-4484
  • Forged Pom Basic Black Leather 4
  • Forged x 2 Waisted Brn Lthr 2

Custom Regenyei Feder

Free – $999.99

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Design your dream feder using the form below which walks you through the very simple process of choosing each element of your very own custom Regenyei feder.  The possibilities are almost endless!

Custom orders are estimated (not guaranteed) at roughly six months for delivery although many items do arrive faster than that.   Prices vary depending on the various elements you choose and require a non-refundable deposit to finalize the order.

IMPORTANT!  Check your spam folder if you haven’t received our reply within 24 hours because we ALWAYS reply to your inquiries in a professional and timely manner.  You’ll have plenty of opportunity to ask further questions and there is no obligation just for receiving a quote on your dream sword!

Custom feder come with a six-month or one-year warranty for critical failures under normal conditions depending on blade flex chosen. All warranties subject to our inspection and approval.

    Custom Regenyei Feder Order Form

    Are you ready to build your dream training feder? Let's get started!

    Blade Flex

    Feder are available with three grades of flexibility according to your fencing needs but we generally recommend the "Strong Flex" if you intend to fence full-contact and/or compete with your feder. Approximate weight is 1490 grams but this varies depending on your choices below.

  • LIGHT Flex: Very flexible blade (7-9.5 kg) for training and fencing in minimal protective gear. NOT for full contact tournaments! Comes with a six month warranty.

  • MEDIUM Flex: A good balance of flexibility (11.5-14 kg) and durability for training, fencing, and in the hands of a careful fencer, even for tournaments. Generally only recommended for experienced veterans. Comes with a six month warranty.

  • STRONG Flex: Expertly hardened yet flexible, (13.5-15 kg) the strong blade is intended for full-contact fencing in full protective HEMA gear under nearly all reasonable conditions. The blade is firm in the parry with a fair amount of flex in the last third to accommodate full contact thrusts. Comes with a one year warranty. If in doubt, choose this one!

    All three blade types come with a standard back-folded tip that is approximately 1 cm x 1 cm.

    Blade Flex:

    Blade Length (in centimeters): Some tournaments will not allow blades over 100 cm; please consider this carefully when choosing your length.

    Schilt Types

  • Spiky schilt

  • Wide schilt (adds roughly 80 grams to the overall weight)

  • "Italian" schilt

  • No schilt

  • Tulip and Crown schilt no longer available. Updated images coming soon!

    Schilt Type:

    Crossguard Types

    A polished finish is standard but chemically blackened is also an option.

    1a. 25 cm Basic Crossguard
    1b. 28 cm Basic Crossguard
    2a. 25 cm Ringed Crossguard*
    2b. 28 cm Ringed Crossguard *
    3a. 25 cm Twisted Crossguard *
    3b. 28 cm Twisted Crossguard *
    4a. 25 cm Wavy Crossguard *
    4b. 28 cm Wavy Crossguard *
    5a. 25 cm Twisted Crescent Crossguard *
    5b. 28 cm Twisted Crescent Crossguard *
    6a. 25 cm Cylindrical Crossguard *
    6b. 28 cm Cylindrical Crossguard *
    7a. 25 cm Forged Crossguard*
    7b. 28 cm Forged Crossguard*

    *Additional fees apply

    Crossguard Type:

    Crossguard Surface Finish:

    Pommel Types

    1. Pear
    2. Faceted Pear*
    3. Forged Faceted Pear *
    4. Mushroom
    5. Faceted Mushroom*
    6. Sphere
    7. Forged Faceted Sphere*
    8. Perfume Cap*
    9. Disc Type I
    10. Disc Type II
    11. Disc Type III
    12. Disc Type IV
    13. Disc Type V
    14. Münich Type I
    15. Münich Type II

    *Additional fees apply

    Pommel Type:

    Pommel Surface Finish:

    Shape of the Grip

  • Oval Grip

  • Oval Grip with riser

  • Rectangular Waisted Grip with riser

  • Octagonal Waisted Grip with riser

    Grip Shape:

    Grip Length (Including pommel): Standard feder (recommended) length is 32 cm.

    Grip Covering Types

    We offer three types of covering; cord; spiral wrapped leather; one-piece leather.

    01. Black Cord Grip
    02. Brown Cord Grip
    03. Red Cord Grip
    04. Blue Cord Grip
    05. Green Cord Grip
    06. Yellow Cord Grip
    07. Orange Cord Grip
    08. Grey Cord Grip
    09. Teal Cord Grip
    10. Two Tone Double Space Grip
    11. Two Tone Triple Space Grip
    12. Black Spiral Leather Grip
    13. Brown Spiral Leather Grip
    14. Green Spiral Leather Grip
    15. Blue Spiral Leather Grip
    16. Red Spiral Leather Grip
    17. Black Ribbed Leather Grip
    18. Brown Ribbed Leather Grip

    Grip Covering and Color:

    Two Toned Color A: (Leave Blank for single colored grip).

    Two Toned Color B: (Leave Blank for single colored grip).

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