• Dark Purple Cord 5
  • Bright Multi Std Fed 4
  • Dark Brown Cord Std 1
  • Medium Green Cord Std 4
  • Bright Multi Std Fed 3
  • Dark Brown Cord Std 2
  • Light Brown Cord Std 3
  • Bright Multi Std Fed 6
  • Yellow Std 2
  • Dark Brown Cord Std 3
  • Multi Cord 1
  • Dark Brown Cord Std 5
  • Dark Purple Cord 4
  • Bright Multi Std Fed 5
  • Light Brown Cord Std 5
  • Medium Green Cord Std 3
  • sf3
  • Light Brown Cord Std 1
  • Light Brown Cord Std 6
  • sf5
  • Medium Green Cord Std 2
  • Light Brown Cord Std 2
  • Bright Multi Std Fed 7
  • Dark Brown Cord Std 4
  • Light Brown Cord Std 4
  • Dark Brown Cord Std 6
  • Yellow Std 1
  • Dark Purple Cord 3

Standard Regenyei Feder


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This is the classic Standard Feder by Regenyei Armory that has become the world-wide benchmark for crafstman quality longsword fencing tools. Typically in stock with the ideal measurements and optimal balance for new and veteran fencers to perform and train their art.  Regenyei Standard Feder are “tournament legal” around the world and work well against all other training tools on the market. If in doubt, this is the feder to start with.  Available with either cord or spiral wrapped leather grips in a variety of colors but classic black cord is the base model.  Is your preferred color not in stock?  You can always special order your feder through our Regenyei Custom Feder page!

Blade Type: Strong, blunt
Blade Length: 100 cm
Schilt: Spiky
Tip: Back-folded
Crossbar: 25 cm basic
Grip Type: Oval
Grip Length (including pommel): 32 cm
Grip Covering: Colored cord wrap or spiral wrapped leather
Pommel: Pear-shaped
Weight: Approximately 1460 grams
Point of balance: Approximately 8 cm from the crossbar

The Standard Feder comes with Regenyei’s one-year replacement warranty for critical failures under normal usage.

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