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Custom Parrying Dagger

Custom Parrying Dagger by Regenyei

These weapons were used as off-hand weapons in conjunction with a single-handed sword such as a rapier. As the name implies they were designed to parry, or defend, more effectively than a simple dagger form, typically incorporating a wider guard, and often some other defensive features to better protect the hand as well.


Parrying daggers are typically used as an off-hand weapon when fencing rapier or sidesword. The Regenyei line of parrying daggers can be customized here by filling out the form below. We offer a number of options including blade length and width, guard size, guard finish, grip color, and choice of pommel.

Please use the “notes” section below if you have any additional questions and we will return your message shortly. We ALWAYS reply to emails and typically within 24 hours.

    Custom Regenyei Parrying Dagger Order Form

    Custom Parrying Dagger Order Form:

    Blade Type Desired:

    Crossbar Desired: with narrow fork (12 cm) OR with wide fork (13 cm). (Measured at the maximum width of the fork)

    Crossbar Finish: Matte or Polished

    Grip Color: spiral leather in various colors: (Black, Brown, Green, Blue, Red)

    Pommel type: Globe Pommel or Octagonal Globe Pommel.

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