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Scholar Jacket


Use these drop-down menus to choose your size and color!


Are you fencing longsword on Tuesday but rapier on Thursday?  Would you like a more versatile jacket to accommodate your different HEMA needs?  Introducing the Scholar Jacket!  This tournament-grade HEMA jacket is specially designed for today’s multi-functional HEMA practitioner to allow more control over how much protection to use each training day.  The Scholar Jacket contains multiple interior “pad-pockets” to give you the freedom to add or remove padding from your torso, elbows, and shoulders.  Adjustable for nearly every HEMA situation ranging from international competitions to coaching to casual fencing, the Scholar Jacket excels in a wide spectrum of HEMA fencing needs!

This lightweight jacket uses a variety of resistance tested, moisture wicking, and padded materials with carefully designed contours to provide the utmost in comfort and range of mobility while simultaneously offering competition grade protection.

To order, check your sizing on the chart below then use the drop-down menus above to see if your size and color preference is in stock.  If we are out of stock for your preferred options please message us below and we’ll reply (we ALWAYS reply!) to place you on our waiting list and/or answer any other questions you may have.  If you’d like to custom order your color scheme, edge-piping, or sizing please use our Custom Scholar page here.

The Scholar Jacket comes with a six-month warranty for critical failures under normal usage.  This garment is not returnable or exchangeable once worn.

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