• Scholar Padded Pluderhosen Ally Cleaned (4)
  • Scholar Padded Pluderhosen Ally Cleaned (4)
  • Scholar Unpadded Pluderhosen Blue Cleaned (2)
  • Scholar Unpadded Pluderhosen Red Cleaned (1)
  • Scholar Padded Pluderhosen White Cleaned (1)
  • Scholar Padded Pluderhosen Green Cleaned (1)
  • Scholar Padded Pluderhosen Yellow Cleaned (1)

Custom Scholar HEMA Pluderhosen

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We’re very pleased to offer the Scholar Pluderhosen, the newest addition to the Scholar Line, with custom size and color options in both padded and unpadded versions! A modern rendition with a respectful nod towards historical designs, these are specifically crafted for today’s HEMA fencing enthusiasts. The Scholar Pluderhosen sport elastic waistbands with drawstring, hidden pockets, and drawstring cuffs, and spectacular flexibility set these apart! Available in a range of exciting colors, including custom options. Made of a 800N material and machine washable (air dry recommended), and sure to impress!

    Custom Scholar HEMA Pluderhosen Form:

    To find your correct trouser size refer to the following sizing chart and follow the measuring instructions then simply fill out the information below to place your order. We will contact you shortly to provide a quote and finalize any additional details. Please note that custom orders require a non-refundable deposit prior to placing your order.

    Estimated delivery time for custom orders is roughly 6-8 months but delivery times are not guaranteed.

    Enter Custom Measurements in centimeters here only if you are not ordering a stock size:
    (For length, we suggest measuring to your desired leg length while standing in your "on guard" fencing stance.)

    Measurement A (Waist Circumference):

    Measurement B (Hip Circumference):

    Measurement C (Total Length):

    Measurement D (Thigh Circumference):