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Lucerne Hammer Simulator by Arcem


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This hard rubber training tool is inspired by a French model dating back to 1450 and has a realistic painted finish.

Designed to be mounted on a long square or octagonal haft as a two-handed poleaxe (130 to 160 cm depending on the source).  We recommend sourcing your shaft at your local lumber store.



  • Total length with langets: 44 cm
  • Length of head: 22 cm
  • Length of top spike: 16 cm
  • Width of back spike and hammer face: 17 cm
  • Width of side lugs: 12 cm
  • Socket: 3 cm x 3 cm, square
  • Recommended shaft (not included): 180 cm, square


This range of simulators is developed for HEMA by Black Armory. The synthetic material allows for vigorous use of the simulator while providing possibilities for customization (painting, some reshaping, etc.). These last characteristics also make these products excellent for parallel uses: re-enactment, stage, cinema, or even cosplay. (Haft sold separately)

Availability of this model with painted or unpainted finishes may vary; see the drop-down menu for current options. Please note that the painted finish varies from simulator to simulator, and may not exactly match displayed product images.

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