Zürich Replica Feder


Feder with Wide Schilt – Museal Replica by Regenyei Armory

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This feder is made after the federschwert located at the Schweizerischen Landesmuseum in Zürich. There are some very minor differences, as with any reproduction, but careful lengths have been take to get this feder within about 95% accuracy of the original. It is a shockingly fast and agile feder but it is not recommended for modern full-contact tournament play. As this is a historical replica it is more recommended for those working on the historical fencing formats.

Blade Type: Custom feder
Blade Length: 95.5 cm
Width of the blade at the schilt: 17 mm
Width of the blade at the tip: 25 mm
Schilt: Wide, custom
Tip: Rounded
Crossbar: 27.5 cm basic
Grip Type: Oval
Grip Length (including pommel): 33.5 cm
Grip Covering: Black cord wrap (other colors and spiral or one-piece leather available randomly or by special order)
Pommel: Custom tear-drop
Weight: Approximately 1435 grams
Point of balance: Approximately 4.5 cm from the crossbar

This feder comes with a one-year warranty for critical failures under normal conditions. All warranties subject to our inspection and approval.