• Pierced Rondels 2
  • Pierced Rondel Green 4
  • Pierced Rondel Red 4
  • Pierced Rondel Green 6
  • Pierced Rondel Red 3
  • Pierced Rondels 3
  • Pierced Rondel Green 5
  • Pierced Rondel Red 2
  • Pierced Rondel Red 5
  • Pierced Rondels 1
  • Pierced Rondel Red 6
  • Pierced Rondel Green 3
  • Pierced Rondel Red 1
  • Pierced Rondel Green 2
  • Pierced Rondel Red 7
  • Pierced Rondels 4

Wide Blade Rondel Dagger


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This is a wide, rigid rondel dagger with pierced rondels, very useful for technique demonstration.

Blade Type: Medium width, strong
Blade Length: 32 cm
Width of the blade at the guard: 40 mm
Tip: Rounded tip
Guard Type: Pierced and embellished rondels
Grip Type: Oval
Grip Length: 11.5 cm
Grip Covering: Red spiral wrapped leather (other colors available by special order)
Weight: Approximately 360 grams
Point of balance: Approximately 25 mm from the guard

This dagger comes with the standard one-year Regenyei Armory warranty for critical failures under normal usage.  All warranties subject to our inspection and approval.